Episode 06: Joseph R. Lallo

This reading does not come from the official audiobook.

You can find Joseph Lallo online here at his website, The Book of Deacon, here at Fantastic Fiction, and here at his Amazon Author page. Joseph also cohosts the Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast.

Be sure to check out his books, and thanks for listening!

Coming 3/31/2017!

The Book Speaks Podcast is almost ready to go live! We have a great lineup of indie authors to read in our first few episodes, including Michael Anderle, Patty Jansen, Timothy Ellis, Mark E. Cooper, and Joseph Lallo. I’m drooling. Am I drooling? I am. Get excited, people! This is happening!

Tell a friend, feel free to follow, and don’t forget to come back next Friday (3/31/2017) for the first show. Thanks for checking it out!