Episode 14: Stella Wilkinson


This week I read from YA Romantic Comedy and Paranormal Romance author Stella Wilkinson, who is a presence on KBoards and Wattpad, and a delightful human being who has promised me either French wine or Italian beer should I ever be in England. Thanks, Stella!

You can find Stella here at her website, and also here at her Amazon Author page. I’m also including this link to the SFFM Podcast episode I reference, this link to Stella on Wattpad, and this link to the upcoming SciFi anthology in which I’ve been included, The Officer.

This reading was done with Stella’s permission and does not come from an official audiobook.

Lastly, here’s today’s poem. Thanks for listening!


Make Love

Make love.
Thinkers and doers and shapers,
Drape love on every sooty snow and
Budding branch, every swarm of deer flies in the
Mist, every glowing eye and warm tear that glistens,
Every animal who looks, who listens, who quakes.
Bake love into every bead of sweat, every
Missive, every alphabet. Love until it’s
Done, till you are lost and lame, dismissed;
Until your very breath, undone, denies your kiss.
And if the mystery of love is greater than the
Mystery of death—though I suspect they are
One and the same—make more
Mystery, then.


2 thoughts on “Episode 14: Stella Wilkinson

  1. That was so much fun listening to someone read a chapter from my book and hear how it sounds in other people’s minds. Thanks so much for featuring me, Ben, even my five year old was entranced for the entire show x


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