Episode 22: L.L. McNeil


This week I read the first chapter from L.L. McNeil’s Moroda, Book I of a forthcoming fantasy epic. Check it out!

As always, this reading does not come from an official audiobook, and is presented here with the author’s permission.

You can find L.L. McNeil here at her website, and also here at her Amazon Author Page. She’s also part of the Garage Fiction project and podcast!

Lastly, here’s today’s poem. Thanks, and see you next Friday!


“Beloved be Your Name”

Now, when my eyes grow full of my death,
I smile, if a little sadly, knowing that you,
My son, will hold these words within
Yourself long after I have fled. My son,

Who is on earth, beloved be your name.
Take love to every face, to every burning
Hate and every dull flame of apathy; take
Passion and charity and play to the darkest

Wells of our eyes, the coldest songs of our
Appetites. Break walls with the spirit of
Your voice. Shine light into the ditches and
The lee of every stone, find caterpillars with

The fingers of your mind, coax them into
Divine beings, watch in wonder as they fly.
And lead our suffering to redemption, as it
Is in Heaven, as it is in the quiet of the mind.


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