Episode 48: Elizabeth Barone

Today I’m reading the first chapter from A Disturbing Prospect, a romantic suspense novel by indie author Elizabeth Barone. Thanks for joining me!

You can find Elizabeth here at her website, and also here at her Amazon Author Page. As always, this reading does not come from an official audiobook, and is presented here with the author’s permission.

Check out Elizabeth’s Facebook page for all kinds of extras for A Disturbing Prospect.

See you next week for another indie author reading!


3 thoughts on “Episode 48: Elizabeth Barone

  1. Wow, Benjamin, thank you so much for having me! Your reading of Cliff’s chapter is so like the voice I “heard” in my head while writing him.

    And yes, you had my name right—Barone, like Ray Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond.

    Thank you again!

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