Episode 50: Benjamin Douglas


IT’S THE BIG FIVE-O! Get excited! To celebrate 50 episodes of the show, I’m reading the first chapter from one of my own short stories, Stowaway, another prequel story to my ongoing Starship Fairfax scifi series. You can read the whole thing for free here on my blog, and you can find it and all my other titles here at my Amazon page. Enjoy!


One thought on “Episode 50: Benjamin Douglas

  1. Hey, Ben! Congratulations on your 50-episode milestone. 😀

    I definitely approve of your plan to lengthen your books. Readers want novels, not novellas, and I think you’ll see a big difference in sales once your stories are novel-length. I also approve of the new ASIN thing. You can always add a note at the bottom of the book blurb stating how the book used to be such-and-such novella, but you added so much material that it’s now a new work, more or less. You can never go wrong with full disclosure.

    Oh… and that talk about maybe throwing in the towel if the money doesn’t start rolling in by a certain date? Yeah… don’t do that. Your craft is good. If your books don’t sell, it’s not because of your craft. At all. Trust me on that.

    Congrats again. 🙂

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