Episode 10: Benjamin Douglas

This audio does not come from the official audiobook, and is presented here with the author’s permission.

Today I read from my own forthcoming scifi work! There are two readings. Look for my upcoming novellette/story The Trials of Io, which will be available exclusively to my mailing list subscribers (link to that next week, hopefully). And go check out my scifi first-in-series on pre-order, The Lunar Gambit: The Starship Fairfax, Book 1: A Military Science Fiction Adventure. It’s just 99cents until the release on June 29!

You can find me online here at my blog, and also here at my Amazon Author Page. Thanks for listening!


Episode 07: Izzy Shows

This reading does not come from the official audiobook, and was performed and recorded with the author’s permission.

You can find Izzy Shows online at izzyshows.com, and also here on her Amazon Author Page.

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