Episode 36: Ken Britz


Hi All! ANNOUNCEMENT: The Book Speaks Podcast will be moving permanently from Fridays to Saturdays. I apologize for not giving notice beforehand this week. Keep coming back–lots of episodes planned!

Today I’m reading from Fall to Earth, an Arthurian Science Fiction novel by indie author Ken Britz. You can find Ken here at his Amazon Author Page, and also here at his Goodreads page (author website seems to be down at the moment).

A reminder: both books 1 and 2 in his Pillars of Fire and Light series are just 99cents this weekend! After tomorrow it looks like book 2 will go back up to full price, so grab it while it’s cheap.

This reading does not come from an official audiobook, and is presented here with the author’s permission. Thanks for listening, and see you next Saturday!


Episode 31: C. Gold


Hi everyone! Tonight I’m reading from another indie fantasy author, this time fellow 2017-er and Kboarder, C. Gold. Hi, C.! I really enjoyed this reading, and I hope you all do, too. Check out her Amazon Author Page here or her website here for more info, including a 99cent short story.

As always, this reading does not come from an official audiobook, and is presented here with the author’s permission.

The show is officially airing late Friday evenings now, rather than the previous early Friday time. My apologies for any inconvenience!

See you all back here next week 🙂

Episode 30: Rick Gualtieri


Here’s a treat for all of us today: I’m reading a chapter from Bill the Vampire, Book 1 in the hugely successful The Tome of Bill series by star indie author Rick Gualtieri! Rick’s been in the indie/self-publishing game for a few years, and his backlist shows it. Check out his author rank and the reviews on Bill if you don’t believe me, but this guy is good. Thanks, Rick, for letting me read your work on the show!

You can find Rick here at his website and also here at his Amazon Author Page. As always, this reading does not come from an official audiobook, and is presented here with the author’s permission. Enjoy!

Today’s poem:

Ghazal on a Dream About a Sinking Car

I was marching in the barefoot night for you.
Never wondered if it was alright with you.

We’d been driving out along a forest road
When the darkness melted into light and you

Turned around to show me what your face was like.
I was hearing fog. And to the right, where you

Sat beside the driver, glass was filling the
Windows like a casserole. To fight it, you

Turned into another body—mine—and rolled
Down the gate to get out. It was tight. Then you

Disappeared beneath the bubbling surface. I
Marched in barefoot dreams to find the sight of you

Lost among the paddies and the dragonflies,
Fiery eyes turned skyward from the night of you.

Episode 29: Jeff Tanyard


Shout-out today to Jeff Tanyard, a fellow indie scifi author who has been a helpful and encouraging voice for me in my author journey! On this week’s episode, I read the third chapter from Clouds of Venus, the first title in his Free Space scifi trilogy. Check out the trilogy here at Jeff’s Amazon Author Page. You can also find him here at his own blog.

As always, this reading is presented with the author’s knowledge and permission, and does not come from an official audiobook. Enjoy, and I’ll see you next week for another indie author reading!


Episode 28: Ryan W. Mueller


Today I’m reading from an epic fantasy novel, Empire of Chains, by fellow indie author Ryan W. Mueller! Like myself, Ryan took the publishing plunge this year, 2017. Here’s a link to the KBoards thread I mention in the show, wherein the Class of 2017 connects.

You can find Ryan here at his own website, and also here at his Amazon author page. Look for Book 2 in the World in Chains series next month (October 2017), and another series from him likely in December!

Episode 26: Shirani Rajapakse


Today I have a real treat for you: I’m reading from an indie-published poetry collection, Chant of a Million Women, by Shirani Rajapakse! Have a listen to the show for two of her poems, and check out her own poignant reading of another in this video:

As always, today’s readings are presented here with the author’s permission, and do not come from an official audiobook. Come back next week for another indie author reading! You can find Shirani online in these places:

WordPress    Facebook    Twitter

Pinterest    Instagram    linkedin

goodreads    Amazon

And you can find her book, Chant of a Million Women, at the following vendors:

Amazon    Lulu    Books2Read

Episode 25: Benjamin Douglas


This week is the quartal episode, and I give a little recap of what we’ve done so far, and ask for your input on things you might like to see in the future. I also read a chapter from The Hidden Prophet, my second installment in the Starship Fairfax action/adventure military scifi series I’ve been working on.

Have a look at the book here–it’s on preorder for a few more days! And you can find me here at my Amazon Author page. Thanks for listening, and see you next week 🙂