Episode 46: BR Kingsolver


Today I’m reading the first chapter from Chameleon Assassin by award-winning indie author BR Kingsolver! You can find BR here at her website, and also here at her Amazon Author Page. As always, this reading does not come from an audiobook, and is presented here with the author’s permission.

What do you think about the mash-up of urban fantasy with some post-apocalyptic / sci-fi elements? And will corporations someday replace governments? Hit me up on Twitter with your thoughts 🙂

Come back next week for another indie author reading!

Episode 35: Dale Ivan Smith


Tonight I’m reading from the first chapter of Empowered: Agent, the first book in Dale Ivan Smith’s Empowered series. Check out those covers! You can find Dale here at his website, and also here at his Amazon Author Page.

I want to mention again that this title is currently FREE on Amazon and other vendors, as well as Instafreebie. Check it out! And a correction: in the show, I say that Dale was on the MarketingSFF Podcast 2 weeks ago, but it was actually 3 (here’s a link).

Thanks for listening, everyone! See you next week for another reading.